Friday, October 13, 2006

The birth of the Chronicle

The first edition of the Houston Chronicle -- published Oct. 14, 1901 -- didn’t go unnoticed by its competitor.

Reaction to that first issue came from, of all places, the Houston Daily Post.

“It is a cleanly printed, skillfully arranged, well written sheet -- in most essentials an up-to-date publication,” the Post noted in its Oct. 15 edition. “In the first issue the business department makes a flattering exhibit in the way of advertising patronage….”

The short paragraph heralding the paper’s debut appeared inside the newspaper.

In conclusion, the Post wrote:

“The paper promises to join vigorously into the campaign for industrial development already going on, and announces that it is independent of any political party or faction.”

The Post closed in 1995 when the Hearst Corporation, which operates the Chronicle, purchased the Post’s assets.



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What a great find!

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Thanks! Also, I added Houston Photobloggers to the list of links at right.

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