Friday, June 23, 2006

Let's back up for a second

Houston's Grand Central Depot, above, was located close to where the Southern Pacific Depot was constructed. The photo is from a postcard mailed in 1910.

Records show that by the end of 1887, an $80,000 Central Depot was completed. It was later renovated in 1906 and in 1914. It is assumed that refers to the train station identified above.

Of course, these train stations were not the only ones to exist in Houston in the early 20th century!

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At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello . . .
In doing a genealogy book on my family, I've discovered from several history books on Texas in the 1860s onward that my great grandfather, Alexander C. Morin, built the Grand Central depot in Houston completing construction near 1890. He was a contractor. In doing more research on the depot, I've come across your site. I would be grateful should you consider e-mail me a photo copy of the Grand Central depot or steering me to sources about it. Sincerely, Milton Morin


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