Friday, October 27, 2006

Now 3-D!

In March 1953, moviegoers at the Loew's were treated to two 3-D shorts: "The Black Swan" and "Royal River," which was basically a trip down the Thames River.

"Without the special glasses, the figures look a little blurred," the Chronicle reported in its March 7, 1953, edition. "With them, they almost stand out so you can almost see around them and figures in the background are sharp and clear."

"Rogue's March" also was showing at the Loew's during that time.

Showing at the Majestic was the Alfred Hitchcock film "I Confess." To promote it, Hitchcock and actress Anne Baxter appeared before the audience once the movie ended.

"Referring to his ample proportions, (Hitchcock) announced that he was 4-D," the article reported.

(Hitchcock's next picture, "Dial M for Murder" would be shot in 3-D.)

Roger Dann, a French actor who also starred in "I Confess," sang a few songs for the audience, too.

"But when he sang 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' in French, he brought the house down," according to the article.



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