Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop! Thief!

From the "Some things never change" department:

On Dec 8, 1876, the Houston Daily Telegraph asked rhetorically, "Why is not the vagrant law enforced?"

Apparently, the paper was somewhat upset at the thieves "at work in the city."

Among the recent thefts the paper reported:

  • A camp mattress at Macatee's Warehouse was stolen.
  • Someone cut off the pantaloons pocket of a Mr. D.B. Lynch and made off with $18. (What cost $18 in 1876 would cost $302.59 in 2005 dollars.)
  • Someone also pickpocketed $5 from a Mr. B. Stone. (Five dollars in 1876 would cost $84.05 in 2005.)

The newspaper reported the men had been visiting from Montgomery County.

Also noted that day...

The Iron Bridge had been repaired and opened for travel. Not much is said about the bridge itself, other than it crossed the bayou.

"Draymen, horsemen and the public generally will rejoice at this, for every one compelled to go to and fro across the bayou traveled not less than one hundred miles extra during the time it was closed up," the paper reported (emphasis mine).



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