Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas at the Metropolitan

It was a full day of entertainment when the $2 million Metropolitan Theatre opened on Dec. 25, 1926.

The main attraction was the silent film “Stranded in Paris” starring Dallas native Bebe Daniels.

“I know that the Metropolitan will establish itself instantaneously as one of the outstanding theatres of the Publix Chain,” she said, in a telegram published in the Chronicle.

Throughout the day, patrons also saw:

  • Helen Yorke and James Quinlan in the production of “The Inaugural Banquet,” produced by Paul Oscard. “The young producer was visibly impressed with the magnificence of the Metropolitan,…” the Chronicle reported.

  • Charlie Calvert, comedian and dancer

  • Mabel Hollis, singer

  • Irnamette, a dancing violinist with the ability to dance the Charleston and play her instrument at the same time

  • The Eight Leonara Steppers dance team

  • George Dayton, comedian

  • “Melodies of Southern States,” featuring the Metropolitan orchestra

  • “Organs I Have Played,” featuring the “internationally famous organist” George Latsch

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At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to point this out, but this picture is not from the 20's. If you look closely at the cars in the picture, they are from a decade later than 1926.


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